Blue Light glasses

Blue light glasses are become more popular by the day in today's digital times. A lot of us find ourselves spending majority of our days glued to computers, phones, laptops, TVs, and more.

Studies show that on average most of us spend about 9 hours EVERYDAY in front of these harmful screens. 9 hours!!! The bad part is not that we are in front of these screens, it's that we are in front of them with our eyes unprotected!

and that is exactly where Opticsleep blue light glasses come into play 😏

When creating Opticsleep was created we kept the digital generation at the front of our mind to make sure we could create the ideal product. Opticsleep lenses efficiently protect against dangerous blue light to help you work better and sleep better. All while keeping you in style


Blue light is a part of the wave light spectrum that is visible by human eyes and has been shown in multiple studies to be potentially harmful and exhausting to the retinal level if exposed to it on a daily basis.

The harmful blue light is typically found within the 415 nm and 455 nm where it is considered to be it's strongest and most impactful on our eyes. 

Did you know that blue light also impacts your circadian rhythm or sleep cycle! That is why blue light glasses can actually help you sleep better. Filtering that blue light out while you're working, watching, etc. on a screen will help keep your sleep cycle regulated and untouched.


All the glasses you see in our collection are equipped with a high quality coating that has been specifically developed to protect your eyes against the harsh blue light that was spoken about above

Our lenses block 100% of the Blue Light under 410nm and 45% of the Blue Light on the 410nm - 450nm spectrum.

OpticSleep lenses use two technologies: the first one reflects the blue light and the second one absorbs it. The effects are quickly noticeable: the eyes are more rested, relaxed and more comfortable when using digital devices. 

Our lenses are perfect for everyone whether your blue light exposure comes from school work, or even from watching a little too much netflix.

Our shiled against artificial blue light creates a perfect balance between color perception and blue light filtering.




Computer glasses stylishly protect and minimize blue light exposure while offering you a better quality of life.






Why blue light blocking glasses?

More and more research studies are coming out about the side effects from overexposure to blue light. During these times where a majority of us are spending a lot more of our time on our devices whether for work, school, gaming, etc. We do say and our eyes are not protected. If you are someone that is apart of the digital generation, blue light glasses will become your new best friend they will protect you from digital eye strain, migraines, and sleep pattern disruption.

What to look for in quality blue light glasses?

When looking to purchase a pair of blue light glasses it is crucial to understand that their is a scale or spectrum of their protection and filtering against blue light. A great pair of blue light glasses will block as much as possible of the blue light under 410nm all the way up to 450nm, and OpticSleep does just that 😉

Where to get blue light glasses?

At Opticsleep you can quickly and easily get both non-prescription or prescription blue light glasses from our online store. They will be shipped directly to your doorstep in a timely fashion.

When to wear blue light glasses?

You can wear them all day if you'd like! There is no harm keeping them on all day but it is definitely recommended to wear them when you are on your computer or phone especially later in the evening at night to help protect you from sleep pattern disruption.

What are the best blue light blocking glasses?

The best type of blue light glasses combine top quality materials and of course a highly effective lenses that protect you! Check our 2021 collection!

How much blue light do Opticsleep lenses filter?

OpticSleep lenses efficiently block 100% of the blue light under 410 nm and 45% of the blue light on the 410 nm-450 nm spectrum.

Do blue light glasses help with digital eyestrain or migraines?

OpticSleep lenses are specifically made to do just that. Our slogan is "Work better, Sleep better" because we want you to be able to pull those long hours on your computer without the digital eye strain, migraines, headaches, and be able to sleep after without your sleep being disrupted.

Is it recommended to wear blue light glasses whenever you're looking at a phone or computer?

100%. It's in your best interest to wear you opticsleep glasses whenever you can when in front of screens.

What are Opticsleep lenses?

Optic sleep lenses are blue light lenses are specifically designed lenses that protect against the strongest wavelengths of blue light. They also prevent reflections from our digital devices, protecting our eyes against Digital Eye Strain. 

Do blue light glasses help with sleep?

By efficiently protecting against overexposure to blue light, you avoid any disruption of your circadian rhythms (sleep patterns). Blue light glasses are one of the best ways to ensure that your sleep is not affected when using digital devices throughout the day.

How to clean blue light glasses?

Learning these few steps to best clean your glasses will help you ensure your blue light glasses last longer. Always make sure to use a microfiber cloth to clean any dust on the lenses. You can also wash them with water and a pH neutral soap. Alternatively, use a commercial glasses cleaner, and always avoid solvents or alcohol.

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