Work Better. 

sleep better.

Work Better. 

sleep better.

First Time at optic sleep?
Welcome to the family dedicated to providing you the highest quality bluelight blocking experience to help you comfortably work better, and ultimately sleep better.

Standard & Prescription lenses 

60 Day Warranty On All Frames

International Shipping

some Benefits TO Opticsleep lenses

Reduce Eye Strain

Less headaches & Migraines

Improved Sleep Quality


Empower your Ventures through opticsleep lenses!

Since our first day in business it has been the mission OpticSleep to empower the digital generation!

We have developed and launched blue light blocking glasses to protect your eyes from overexposure to the blue light emitted from the screens you are surrounded by.

Our blue light glasses aren't just glasses but an experience to help you embark on your digital journey while keeping your eyes healthier and keeping the blue light from disturbing your sleeping patterns.

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